How to prepare for a golf tournament

Golf tournaments are a big deal for any player who is serious about the sport. Preparing for a tournament is about practicing your golf swing and mentally and physically preparing. In this article,  I  will explore how to prepare for a golf tournament and the things you need to do to get ready for the … Read more

Can You Use a Pitching Wedge in Sand?

Can You Use a Pitching Wedge in Sand

What is the easiest gap to get out of the sand? Can you hit a 60-degree wedge through the sand? Golf is a game that proposes a series of clubs, each designed for a specific shot. These clubs have a pitching wedge, known for their flexibility on the course. However, a common question among golfers, … Read more

How To Choose the Right Equipment for Golf?

How To Choose the Right Equipment for Golf

Choosing the right equipment for golf is important for any golfer, regardless of their skill level. The performance and general enjoyment of a golfer can be significantly impacted by their equipment. Every aspect of equipment selection, from picking the best golf clubs to the ideal golf ball, is crucial to a golfer’s success on the … Read more

How Far Does a 52-Degree Wedge Go?

how far does a 52 degree wedge go

How far does a 52-degree wedge go? What is a 52 Degree Wedge Used Meant for?   When To Use A 52-Degree Wedge? A 52 degree wedge is around a 100-yard club for the average golfer. If you play a fair amount of golf, chances are you know how often you’ll have a 100-yard shot. … Read more

How To Adjust Callaway Rogue Driver

How to adjust Callaway rogue driver? The necessity to know how to adjust a Callaway Rogue driver to change the loft and lie angles? The Callaway Rogue driver is fully adjustable with a hostel presenting you the chance to adjust the loft to increase or decrease your launch angle. Are you a Callaway lover? If … Read more