3 Hybrid vs 4 Hybrid Explained: Which Should I Carry?

Which golf club is better to carry between 3 hybrid vs 4 hybrid? A hybrid golf club is a type of club that combines characteristics of both the traditional iron and wood clubs. The most common types of hybrids are 3 and 4 hybrids.

The popularity of hybrid golf clubs has skyrocketed over the last twenty years,  with amateurs    preferring their high launch,  forgiveness and soft landing to longer clubs.

In this article, I will discuss the features, and important tips such as distance, spin, loft and other information of  3 and 4 Hybrid to help you decide which one is best for your game.

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Let’s jump into the results of 3 hybrid vs 4 hybrid.

A Quick Summary Table:

Distance cover180-210 yards145-200 yards
UsageRough shortsPrecise shots 
Weight385 g206 g
Loft17-20 degree17-27 degree 

Introduction of 3-Hybrids and 4-Hybrids

Hybrids Golf Club:

A 3 Hybrid is the second most lofted golf club in its category with a loft of 18 to 19.5 degrees, similar to that of a reinforced 5-wood or 4-iron golf club.

Many players use the Hybrid 3 for tee shots, long approach shots and also as a utility club around the green.

4Hybrid Golf Club:

The 4Hybrid follows the Hybrid 3 with a lower loft profile of 20 to 22 degrees, comparable to a 5-iron. Like the Hybrid 3, golfers use the 4 for approach shots, shots, and occasional runs.

Differences between the 3-Hybrid and 4-Hybrid

Differences between Hybrid 3 and Hybrid 4 may vary depending on loft, shaft length and lie angle. However, I have made a list of the general differences between them to give you a clearer idea.

3 Hybrid vs 4 Hybrid length

On average, the Hybrid 3 shaft reaches up to 40.5 inches and the Hybrid 4 shaft reaches 40 inches.

The longer shaft of the 3Hybrid certainly produces more speed on the downswing than the weaker 4Hybrid on a longer upswing.

Additionally, I find that the 4-Hybrid’s shorter shaft length is easier to control and produces crisp shots.

3 Hybrid vs 4 Hybrid Loft

The basic difference between 3 and 4 hybrid is loft. The Hybrid 3 has lower loft, equal to a modern 4-iron or 5- wood.

Of course, the Hybrid 3 will likely outperform the less   powerful then the Hybrid 4. 

3 Hybrid vs 4 Hybrid Spin

In previous testing I found that the 3Hybrid produces slightly less spin than the 4Hybrid, resulting in a lower apex and maximum yardage.

Overall, the Hybrid 3 produced 100 revolutions per minute (RPM) less than the Hybrid 4.

3 Hybrid vs 4 Hybrid Launch angle

Given the Hybrid 3’s stronger lofts, it’s no surprise that it takes off lower than its Hybrid 4 counterpart.

Therefore, the former will definitely generate a little more roll on landing than the 4 Hybrid. 

3 Hybrid vs 4 Hybrid Ball speed

Considering the lower loft and higher clubhead speed, I think the Hybrid 3 offers higher ball speed, which significantly increases distance. Overall, the 3-degree-18-degree hybrid bats produced 5 mph more ball speed than the 4-degree-20-degree hybrid bats.

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3 hybrid distances vs 4 hybrid distances:

The final difference I noticed between these two is the overall distance they create. Of course, this varies depending on the level of Hybrids 3 and 4 you are playing. However, in my experience, the 18 Class 3  Hybrid traveled 13 meters more than the 4 Hybrid
3 or 4 Hybrid: Which one to Choose?

Tee shots

If your driver or fairway woods don’t shoot well, I recommend a 3-hybrid to the rescue. The longer shaft provides increased clubhead speed on the downswing as the reduced loft triggers lower, faster, and higher shots.

Fairway Approach shots in 3 Hybrid vs 4 Hybrid

Depending on the mast range, a 4-hybrid with higher takeoff and soft landing is usually a better option. This is because it causes the ball to stop quicker and keeps the greens smaller. However, if you’re far away and can use the extra roll to get to the dance floor, the 3-Hybrid is for you

From  the Rough

The hybrid shoes feature expertly designed outsoles that often feature precise tracking geometry that helps the clubhead glide across the turf. Therefore, a 3 hybrids vs 4 hybridsracquet promotes a clean hit from rough material to send the ball high and far.

As with fairway shots, the Hybrid 4 is better equipped to support a soft landing so the ball stays on the green. However, if the Hybrid 4 beater isn’t enough I recommend the stronger and taller Hybrid 3 beater which provides additional launch.
Green side

n my experience, hybrid clubs are practical, useful golf clubs that can be used for bump-and-run or chip shots. A larger 4-hybrid is a better choice in this position as it takes away some of the speed that the 3-hybrid can generate on the ball. This means you benefit from3 Hybrid vs 4 Hybrid control and consistency.

Which Should I carry 3 hybrids vs 4 hybrids?

Golfers who have difficulty with long irons and fairway woods would do well to carry a 3-iron and 4-iron hybrid to compensate for the lack of a 5-wood, 4-iron and 5-iron. In this case, owning a 3-iron hybrid and 4 makes it possible to close the gaps that can arise between the 3 hybrids vs 4 hybrids.

In my experience, most amateurs don’t need the 3 hybrid because they are using a 5 wood. Therefore, the racket you will most likely need is a Hybrid 4.

Do I Need a Hybrid 3?
If you don’t have a 5-wood or 4-iron in your bag, you’ll need a 3-hybrid. In this case,  the 3 Series Hybrid fills the gaps between distances for a long, straight drive.

Do I Need a Hybrid 4?
Yes, most amateurs these days want a hybrid 4-iron because they prefer the ease of hitting a hybrid over a 5-iron.If you play without a hybrid 4-iron, 7-wood, or 5-iron, you will notice distance differences in your game between your hybrid 3-iron and your 6-iron.

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Final Thoughts:

Well, very honestly, it is challenging to judge the best golf club for you by just reading a relative study on 3 hybrid vs 4 hybrid

After learning the sophistication  of the 3 Hybrid vs 4 Hybrid I find that most golfers need a lower profile  with more height. While the 3-wood hybrid bat is forgiving and easy to launch, it conflicts with the specifications of the 5-wood, 4-iron bat.
If you’re carrying 5 woods and 3 hybrids, you’re losing valuable  bag space that could be reserved for multiple wedges. Ultimately, if I had to choose one, I would suggest playing a hybrid 4-iron to bridge the gap between your 5-wood and your 6-iron.

Now that you know very well the difference between the 3 hybrid vs 4 hybrid clubs.

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