5 Best Golf Clubs For Petite Senior Ladies [Expert Review]

Golf is one of the few sports people can enjoy into their mid-seventies and beyond. At 60, the old- age will call you, “Kid!”. As you get older, the social prizes of playing golf might even outweigh the rewards of good shots and low scores. That existence said, receiving older does a number on the body. It can be challenging to accept not being as strong or supple as you were a few decades ago. Did you know graphite shaft golf’s best club for petite senior ladies can help you regain distances lost with aging? 

Let’s look at what makes the best lightweight best golf clubs for petite senior ladies so great for your game.

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Here we are focused on the best golf club for petite senior ladies and also provide a buying guide that helps you when selecting the perfect golf club and also gives you our top five options available in the market for your ease so keep reading and find the best golf club for short ladies and here I provide a table of contents to help you navigate.

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Our Top Picks Best Golf Club For Petite Senior Ladies:

Every set here is unique to each senior woman golfer! Rest assured, these are the best of the best! If you are short on time, we encourage you to check our picks set below!

  • Best Overall
    best golf clubs for petite senior ladies

     Strata Women’s Complete Golf Set

  • Best Runner up
    best golf clubs for petite senior ladies

    Cobra XL Iron Set / 6 – SW / Ladies

  • Best Driver
    best golf clubs for petite senior ladies

    Taylormade Glorie Prototype Driver Head

1. Strata Women’s Complete Golf Set

  • Ultimate Distance and Performance

Strata Women’s Complete Golf Set Sets with Stand Bag is a perfect option for ladies who are looking to improve their golfing abilities. This golf club set is designed to cater to women’s needs on the greens and fairways. With several clubs included, it enables women golfers to cover various distances and angles.

The clubs are made from a combination of graphite, alloy steel, and rubber. The combination ensures that each club is lightweight yet sturdy, making it easier for golfers to swing and impact the ball accurately. The set of clubs comes with a stand bag, which can be carried along the course with ease.

The kit comprises of various clubs, including a driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, and a putter. Each club has a special purpose, and together they form a formidable golfing kit. The driver has a size of 460cc, making it ideal for long-distance drives with maximum forgiveness. The fairway woods and hybrids, on the other hand, offer more accuracy when hitting off the ground.

Overall, Strata Women’s Complete Golf Set is an excellent option for new women golfers who are trying to improve their skills. The set is lightweight, durable and offers various clubs designed to cater to different aspects of golfing. Although not everyone may appreciate the bag’s limited storage space, the clubs themselves are of high quality and offer maximum forgiveness.


  • Ultimate Distance and Performance
  • Forgiving Woods Complete Golf Set
  • High Flight Irons
  • Precise Putter


  • Gender-Specific Design
  • Personal Preference
  • Limited Customization

2. Cobra XL Iron Set/6 – SW/Ladies

best golf clubs for petite senior ladies
  • Attractive Design and Appearance

The Ladies version of the Cobra XL Iron Set is designed specifically for female golfers, considering factors like swing speed, strength, and height. This can improve comfort and performance for women players. The Cobra XL Iron Set is often known for its forgiveness, which means it can help minimize the impact of off-center hits and provide more consistent results.

This iron set typically incorporates features that aid in enhancing forgiveness, distance, and trajectory, making it suitable for mid to high-handicap players looking to improve their game.The wider sole design in these irons can make it easier to get the ball airborne, especially for players with slower swing speeds


  • Designed for women
  • Forgiveness
  • Game improvement features:
  • Wide sole design.


  • Limited customizability
  • Distance control
  • Not suitable for all skill levels

3. Taylormade Glorie Prototype Driver Head

best golf clubs for petite senior ladies
  • Easy Customizability

A head-only option allows golfers to pair the driver head with a shaft of their choice, providing the flexibility to optimize performance based on their swing characteristics and preferences.

Prototype driver heads are often developed with advanced technologies and materials, which may lead to improved ball speed, distance, and forgiveness compared to standard driver heads. Being a prototype model, it may offer a sense of exclusivity for golfers who appreciate having unique and rare equipment.


  • Performance Enhancements
  • Exclusivity
  • Precise Putter:


  • Lack of Testing Data
  • Lack of External Validation

4:Cobra FLY XL

best golf clubs for petite senior ladies
  • Value for money

Driver-A titanium driver 125 in ladies flex has an oversized shape and heel-biased weighting for longer and straighter drives.Fairway-A 3-wood, 5 wood, and 7-wood feature a shallow profile and heel-biased weighting for accuracy and distance off the tee and from the fairway.

The women’s Cobra FLY XL almost took our top spot for the best ladies’ petite golf clubs on the market. The only thing that held us back was that they are almost twice the price of the Wilson’s and depending what country you are in, the petite options do come in and out of stock.

The Cobra FLY XL ladies petite golf clubs come with a driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, 7-wood, 5-hybrid, 6-PW, SW, and a putter and cart bag. The set also includes a few headcovers. All clubs feature lightweight graphite shafts that can help to increase club head speed and give shorter women golfers the distance they need.


  • Increased Forgiveness
  • Distance
  • High Launch swing speeds.
  • Easy to hit


  • Limited adjustability
  • Sound and feel
  • Aesthetics

5. Senior Women’s Golf Clubs IDrive Hybrid Set

best golf clubs for petite senior ladies
  • The Pitching Wedge is Amazing

Many senior women golfers struggle with their iron game and thrive with a high-lofted hybrid in their hands. The hybrid clubhead design makes it super easy to get the ball into the air.Each club of this set has a deep cavity back and more weight positioned low behind the clubface. Translation: Good shots feel fantastic, and missed shots are less punishing than those hit with traditional irons. Not only that, missed shots tend to stay straighter because of how the hybrid clubhead is engineered.  


  • Solves the “I hate my irons.” problem
  • Designed for senior women golfers
  • Premium Tacky-Mac Arthritic Grips
  • Rescues you from embarrassing mishits
  • The pitching wedge is amazing


  • No sand wedge
  • No Bag!

Buying Guide:

There are some key things that you should take into consideration when you buy the best golf club for petite senior ladies it will provide you best knowledge and experience before purchasing.


Before purchasing a golf club, it is essential to determine what you aim to achieve. If you are a short lady golfer, you need to pay attention to choosing a club that caters to your unique requirements. For instance, do you require a club with extensive distance coverage, or do you prefer a club that offers more control? Once you have determined your goals, you can then go ahead and invest in a suitable golf club that caters to your specific needs.


The club’s level of forgiveness is paramount in aiding a petite lady golfer in achieving her objectives. This factor refers to how much the club self-corrects when errant shots are made. Invest in a golf club that is forgiving enough to make up for some of the shortcomings that come with being a short lady golfer.


When purchasing a golf club, price is an essential consideration. You need to set a budget based on your financial capabilities. However, note that investing in a quality club is worth it in the long run. Invest in a club whose price tag mirrors its overall quality.

Feel and Control:

How a club feels in your hands is critical in facilitating precise shots. As a  petite lady golfer, a club that offers excellent feel and control can make a significant difference in your swing.


As previously stated, your budget is an essential consideration. Work within your financial limits but try to obtain a quality club. You can purchase used clubs or consider getting deals on discounts.


Since the Best golf clubs for petite senior ladies require lighter clubs, the steel used to make the clubs must be lighter. Invest in clubs made of lightweight steel materials.

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Shaft Material:

The material used to make the shaft is critical in providing the necessary flexibility without compromising on durability. In most cases, graphite shafts are often recommended for petite lady golfers.

Shaft Flex:

The right shaft flex ensures optimal swing speed and also ensures that shots hit their desired targets. It is essential to choose the right shaft flex based on your swing speed to achieve adequate ball speeds and distances. Typically Best golf clubs for petite senior ladies golfers require shafts that are lightweight and provide more flex to improve swing speeds.

This buying guide provide you a precise knowledge before investing in the best golf clubs for petite senior ladies can be a challenging task. However, by considering the aforementioned key factors, you can find a suitable club that caters to your needs. Remember to set a budget, prioritize forgiveness and control, and invest in a club that offers excellent feel and durability.


Happy golfing. In conclusion, when it comes to choosing the best golf clubs for petite women, there are several options available that cater to their specific needs. Each of the golf clubs mentioned, such as the Strata Women’s Complete Golf Club, Cobra XL Iron Set, Taylormade Glorie Prototype Driver Head, Cobra Fly XL, and Senior Women’s Golf Club I Drive Hybrid Set, offers unique features and advantages that can enhance the golfing experience for petite women.

The Strata Women’s Complete Golf Club is an excellent choice for beginners or those looking for a complete set that includes all the necessary clubs. With a lightweight design and forgiving features, it allows petite women to generate more power and achieve more distance on their shots.

The Cobra Fly XL offers game improvement features that help petite women maximize their potential on the golf course. Its forgiving nature and lightweight design make it ideal for those seeking easy launch and increased distance.

Ultimately, the best golf club for petite women depends on individual preferences, skill level, and playing style. It is crucial to consider factors such as club weight, forgiveness, control, and overall performance when making a decision. By selecting one of these top-rated golf clubs, petite women can enhance their game and enjoy the sport to the fullest.

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